by Rajesh Chaukwale

// <![CDATA[// I was asked by Nuke (via comments) to post an article on Password Cracker software used to crack passwords. So, I am writing this Cain and Abel tutorial to inform you about Cain & Abel password cracker software and how to use and download Cain and Abel.

I have written on MD5 Password Cracking basics in my previous article Decrypting MD5 Hash. I had mentioned over there that it is hard to decrypt MD5 hash since hash is one way process- you cannot decrypt a hash. Hence, while cracking MD5 passwords, you have to match given hash with already stored hashes.

Cain and Abel does this work of password cracking easy for us. What you have to do is simply enter a hash and Cain and Abel password cracker will do the work of password cracking for you.

Cain and Abel Tutorial:

1. Free Download Cain and Abel Password Cracker.

2. Now, open downloaded folder and install Cain and Abel on your computer. After installation, run Cain and Abel application.

Cain and abel password cracker

3. Now, select “Cracker” as shown and then “MD5 Hashes”. Then hit on “+” sign in top bar and enter the MD5 hash you want to crack.
If you don’t have any MD5 hash, try this MD5 hash:


After entering hash, hit on OK.

4. Now, right click on hash and select “Bruteforce Attack” (You can even use Dictionary attack or Rainbow table for password cracking). Here, I am demonstrating Bruteforce attack. You will see:

Cain & Abel tutorial

5. Adjust Charset and Password length as:

Charset: The password characters you want to include like alphabets, numbers, special symbols,etc.
Password Length: The password start and end length of which you think password should be.

Note: Password Length is time determining factor of password cracking. To reduce your efforts and time, you can use Social Engineering to determine password length of victim. It depends on your skills.

When you have selected proper options, hit on Start and Cain and Abel will start the work of cracking your hash.

6. Depending on the password length selected, you will receive password like this:

Download Cain and Abel

I had taken c28cce9cbd2daf76f10eb54478bb0454 as my MD5 hash and got my password cracked- pass9 which was 5 letters in length in less than 2 minutes.

Note: This Cain and Abel password cracker cracks password of length less than 8 characters in very less time. But, as the password length increases from 8, its time to crack password increases and it becomes a very time consuming process. Also, Cain and Abel can crack various types of password hashes. I have demonstrated only MD5 hash.

So friends, I hope you will now be able to use Cain and Abel password cracker using this Cain and Abel tutorial. Download Cain and Abel and tell me your views. If you have any problem in this Cain and Abel tutorial, please mention it in comments.

Enjoy Cain and Abel tutorial and download Cain and Abel…